“You need to know you’re beautiful in every single way, why don’t you know, you’re worthy? Don’t let anybody take it away.”

This week we are reminding young people of their worth, and how important it is not to keep their mental health a secret. Here are some photos from our journey so far with year 11 and year 10, and also a short video clip of Lily-Jo’s song, “You need to know,” with the inspiring lyrics quoted above.

Please continue to pray for us, that we can reach the students effectively and support them if they are struggling. Please also pray for the students – we had two students so overcome with emotion in our assembly that they needed to leave – clearly, these issues of mental health and self-worth are very important to the students, and we want them to get the help and support they need. We are available for the students at lunch time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, so please pray that God uses this time to reach those who need it the most. Yesterday we already saw how God was directing our work as a student who desperately needed support after a traumatic bereavement came to see us at lunch time. We were able to link him up to the right people at school who can give him the help he deserves, and also give him an opportunity to chat through his feelings. I pray the rest of the week will be just as positive.

Let us pray that God is covering the school with his protection, and that through the power of the holy spirit, young people will be emboldened to speak honestly about their problems and feelings.

Enjoy the photos, and please follow us on twitter @Cist15 for up-to-date posts about our visits to school this week.

Have a happy mental health week, and remember, when it comes to your mental health, don’t keep it a secret!




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