Hello everyone!

You are invited to our Commissioning Service! Taking place on this Sunday, the 23rd of April at 6:30pm, at Heaton Mersey Methodist Church. In this service, we will be commissioning Andy Wisdom and Joe Burgess into their working and praying for them. Let me remind you of just a few of the things Andy and Joe have achieved so far:

Andy Wisdom is our part-time secondary schools worker. In his time working with us, he has boosted our secondary schools ministry with amazing projects and clubs. Here are some highlights:

  • * Delivered R.E lessons at Werneth School and Bramhall High
  • * Lead youth alpha courses at Poynton High and Cheadle Hulme High
  • * Delivered mental health projects and mental health assemblies
  • * Built up a strong connection with Bramhall High, which has become his most important school.
  • If you live in Bramhall, or are involved in a Stockport secondary school, then please consider coming along to Andy’s commissioning. He is working in your community with your young people and would be blessed by your presence and prayers.


Joe Burgess is our full-time primary school worker. In his time working with us since November, Joe has thrown himself completely into the work both in the Heatons and in Stockport. Joe splits his hours between the Heatons and Stockport, and has given so much of himself to both. In the time being with us he has:

  • * Designed an exciting new project for CiST and the Heatons – The Storytelling Week project!
  • *Delivered Christmas and Easter across Stockport and the Heatons
  • *Built relationships with schools in the Heatons and Stockport that involve regular assemblies and projects.

If you live in the Heatons or have primary school aged children who are attending school in Stockport, then please consider coming to Joe’s commissioning. He is working in your community with your schools and children and would be blessed by your presence and prayers.

I am so proud to be on a team with both of these men of Christ. In the last week alone, I have been struck again by their talent as Andy and I lead sessions for Bad Friday. This was an amazing success, and you can actually watch a video of the final performance on facebook here: Or you can look it up on our facebook page too. Let’s give these guys an amazing commissioning service that really encourages them!

I hope to see you on Sunday evening!

With blessings,