URGENT: We need your help!

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BUILDERS ARE MOVING IN… new office space required!

Dear supporters,

We are really pleased to share with you that St. Matthew’s Church Vicarage are taking the next step towards becoming a thriving community centre, and 99 Chatham street will be under construction from the end of March in order to achieve this vision. We are excited to see what our office will look like when the building is finished, but before then we NEED YOUR HELP.

We URGENTLY need to find a replacement office space to cover the time of the building. We are required to move out by the 23rd of March, which unfortunately is in the middle of our Easter projects. Our office is really important to us as a team, especially now we are large team with members who are not Stockport locals. Our team office is not only where we have our team meetings and pray together, but we also use it for team planning and individual planning, for Trustees meetings, supporters meetings, and for a spot in Stockport to chill out between lessons! We really need your help to find an appropriate Stockport-based space.

What do we need? 

  1. We need a space in Stockport that we can have access to every working day (school holidays could be exempt).
  2. We need a space large enough for 6 team members. This could be furnished or unfurnished, as we do have office furniture we could move into a new space.
  3. We need a space with a reliable wifi internet connection.
  4. We need a secure space for lone workers and to store sensitive documents.

(We would also be grateful for access to professional printer and kitchen/kitchenette, but these are non-essentials).

Do you or your church own or lease space like this? 

If so, please get in touch with us directly. We are so grateful for all the work God has achieved through us in Stockport since the start of the academic year, and it is so important to us not to lose momentum in the work. You can be a big part of helping us and serving the schools and young people of Stockport by providing us with a viable space to continue to work from. If you cannot provide space but know of someone who might be able to, please also get in contact. We need all the suggestions we can get!

Lastly, if you are unable to help practically, then please do pray for us. Pray that God reveals his plan to us, that he speaks to the heart of those in the local community who could help us, and that above all, he helps us to stay focused on our mission which is to serve the schools of Stockport with the love of Christ.

We really hope to hear from you soon,


Emma, Jill, Josh, Sarah, Trudi and Jen

The Christians in Schools Trust Team.

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