Hi everyone! 

So we only have three weeks left of term! The year has flown by in an intense whirlwind of new projects, new team-mates, global tragedy and personal victories. We are very proud of what we have achieved this year, but we still have so much to complete. Please pray for us in the following ways:

Pray for It’s Your Move:

We still have several “It’s Your Move!” projects to do. Please pray for us in our delivery and for the students in their reception. For many students, this is the time of year when the reality of next year is really hitting them and they are feeling the fear. Let’s pray that God is with them and comforting them in their time of unease, and that they gain a real sense of peace from our sessions about moving on to high school.

Pray for Thanksgiving services: 

We are really blessed at Christians in Schools by being given the opportunity to be involved in the Thanksgiving services of several of our schools. This year we are organizing and coordinating the Thanksgiving services at Stockport Academy, and are very blessed to have Brightline from the Message coming in to perform. Please pray that everything comes together well for us in the organisation, but also that the members of Brightline really speak to the students through their music and message.

Pray for job applicants: 

We are so pleased that the Trust has made the exciting decision to open two new positions of schools worker in the Trust. We are hopeful that God will lead the right applicants to the position, and that his plan for next year is an exciting and blessed one. Please pray that God sends us strong applicants, that the Trustees have the wisdom to make excellent decisions, and that everything to do with the hiring process goes well.

Pray for health and wellness: 

As it gets to the last part of term, us workers often find our health flagging. I personally have been fighting a brutal cold for two weeks now that has sometimes stopped me being in schools due to a loss of voice! We would be so grateful if you could pray for God’s protection over our health in the run up to the end of term.

Pray for vision! 

The summer holiday is where we do a lot of our thinking and reflecting as a trust. We spend time looking back on the year and also looking forward to the future and our next year or five years of goals and dreams. For this, we rely on our experience but we also rely of God’s guidance and the guidance of the holy spirit to inspire us. Please pray that the summer holidays are a time of real refreshment and reflection for us, and a time when we encounter God and hear his word and his will clearly.

Thank you all for your continuing prayer and support. We hope that you and your young people or children enjoy the run up to the summer holidays, and are blessed at this time.