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Hi everyone!

As we push on towards the end of term, our diary at CiST becomes filled up with projects and events as our schools work increases in volume. We are in need of much prayer and support during this time, and I hope that you, our faithful supporters, will continue to cover us in prayer up until the school term ends! To help you in your prayers, I am going to be posting our weekly agenda here on the website so that you can be aware of what we are up to and pray specifically that God goes before us into schools. Also, if you notice that we are coming to a school in your parish or area, please don’t hesitate to pass the knowledge on to your congregation and church family so they can pray also! Our service to schools in your local area is also our service to your church, and we always pray that our presence will prompt change that will be reflected in the growth of your church. Together, we want to see young people and children reached for Christ and that is our ultimate goal.

Week beginning 20th of June

Please give thanks for:

Our “It’s Your Move!” lesson in Dial Park Primary School, Offerton, on Monday.

Our “It’s Your Move!” lesson in Cale Green Primary School, Stockport, on Tuesday.

Please pray for:

Our forgiveness assembly and lesson in Ramilies School, Cheadle Hulme, this afternoon. (Wed)

Our “It’s Your Move!” lesson in Greenbank Preparatory School, Cheadle Hulme, tomorrow morning. (Thursday 09:15)

Week beginning 27th of June

Please pray for:

Our “It’s Your Move!” lesson at St. Benedicts Primary, Handforth, on Monday. (09:00 am)

Our week of assemblies on the Olympics at Stockport Academy on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (08:30 am)

Our “It’s Your Move!” lesson at Fairway Primary School, Offerton, on Tuesday (10:45 am)

Our “It’s Your Move!” lesson at Cheadle Heath Primary School, Edgeley, on Tuesday (13:30 pm)

We can also pray for our friends at Stockport Baptist Church who are running a project for school children on Wednesday morning, which we will be supporting.

Thank you, everyone! I will be back next week to post our prayer agenda for the first week of July. Until then, we appreciate your continued support of our work. If you would like to give anything financially to continue to support the work we are doing, please contact our treasurer here.

With blessings,