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What can you pray for?

Hi everyone! Thank you again for your continued prayer this week. We have been in a brand new school (St Philip’s Primary) this week with “It’s Your Move!” I arrived yesterday to only two classes in the whole school due to industrial action! One of those classes was y6 so we were alright. This was the first time we had visited the school and the children really responded to the material, and I also had more time than I thought I would get so got to do some question time with them at the end of the session. It was amazing that they felt comfortable enough with me to ask some really direct questions – including how many detentions I had when I was at High School!! I really disappointed some of the boys when I said I had only had one! Please pray that this school responds to our invitation for some of our other projects in the future and we continue to build up a relationship.

I was in Oaktree Primary School today, where I had 64 y6 children in one classroom! Thank you for your prayers, as it could have been a disaster with so many children in a tight space, but God is always faithful to us, and the children really enjoyed the session! Thank you for all your prayers. We have another “It’s Your Move!” on Friday, as you know, in Marple, so please remember to keep that in your prayers too. Especially if you live in Marple!

Things to pray for week beginning 11th of July

  • “It’s Your Move!” at St. Elisabeth’s Primary School on Monday 11th of July (09:15)
  • Our Trustees meeting on Monday evening. Please pray for clear decisions and for great encouragement.
  • “It’s Your Move!” at St. Matthew’s School, Edgeley on Tuesday 12th of July (13:30)
  • “It’s Your Move!” at Moss Hey Primary School on Wednesday 13th of July (09:00)
  • “It’s Your Move!” at Woodley Primary School on Thursday 14th of July (09:15) – This is a new school for us so please pray for good first impressions and connections!
  • “It’s Your Move!” at Prospect Vale Primary School on Friday 15th of July (09:15)

As always, thank you for your continued prayer and support. As we get towards the end of “It’s Your Move!” please let us know if you would like to contribute financially towards the cost of resources and the “It’s Your Move!” books. Any gifts we receive now enable us to do more in the future. You can contact our treasurer here.