If you’ve ever been a teacher, you’ll know about the third week slump…. 

The term always starts with high hopes. Students are remarkably quiet as they settle into their new classrooms, new year six students are filled with responsibility, and new year seven students are overflowing with awe and excitement that leaves the giggly, but also respectful. For the first two weeks of term, behavior is good, children seem to be listening better, and are actually even secretly excited to be back at school with all their friends. Then the third week comes.

I don’t know if there is a biological alarm that goes off inside school children, but the third week is when they unconsciously decide that they are done settling in. Having settled in, they then decide that they are ready to make some mischief! This week, the bad behavior has arrived. Also, it takes about two weeks for all of those germs that have been swilling around in all of them to come to the surface. This week, the colds have arrived! And who is on the front line of all of this? The teachers of course!

So this week, we really want to pray for our teachers. We really want to give them support and love and care, for they are doing an incredible job. They are getting tired (many of them started the term tired!) and do need protection from illness and sickness as the term goes on. We ask you to join us in these prayers for our teachers – that they would bond with their classes and earn their respect. That they will manage discipline in a way that encourages growth and positive learning. That they will have their health protected by the strength of the Lord. If you would like, perhaps take the prayer at the top of this blog post, a prayer for our teachers, and commit to praying it once a week. If you know a teacher, maybe pray for them personally! Then see what the Lord does.

We would also like to personally invite you to the Scripture Union 95 tour! Scripture Union is coming to Stockport on the 16th of October! They will be hosted at Emmanuel Community Church. The event, which will give people of Stockport the opportunity to learn more about how Scripture Union is working in their town and Borough, begins at 7:15. This is also a very important training opportunity:

95% of children in the UK are not in Church.

How is your Church trying to reach the 95%?

The 95 tour is coming to Stockport, with an exciting training session that will equip you to serve the 95% in your local community.

We will be there, along with others! If possible, please do print a flyer and put it up in your church. Here is the flyer: 95 tour Flyer (002)

You can also register your interest in the Training session on Eventbrite – just follow this link! Eventbrite 95 Tour

We hope to see you there!