Hi everyone!

It has been the craziest, most-full on, blow-your-socks off term that we have ever had! To give you some perspective, this is what we have achieved in just the last ten days:

Over 750 young people saw our Big Questions of Easter secondary school project

Over 750 young people saw our Wellbeing and Happiness assembly

Over 200 year 8 students were reached with our #KeepItReal online relationships lesson

Over 50 children acted out the story of Easter in drama classes with Matt Britton

15 students attended our Exam Stress seminar for y11’s.

We delivered 15 Easter lessons in primary schools

We delivered 6 Easter assemblies in primary schools

We delivered 4 Lunch clubs

We delivered 3 Red Nose day assemblies in primary schools

We collaborated with 3 Amazing outside speakers for our Big Questions project

We delivered 1 R.E lesson in Fairway Primary

We delivered 1 Dance class

We took part in 1 Easter Unwrapped project in collaboration with St. Matthews and Stockport Baptist Church.

We estimate that over the last two weeks, we have seen around 1,700 primary school children. Every time we have seen primary school children in the last two weeks, we have shared the gospel.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Only the last two weeks! Without your support and prayer, we wouldn’t have made it, and we find ourselves stumbling into the holiday weary and under the weather. Our poor primary school worker, Joe Burgess, is very poorly and we would appreciate your prayers that he recovers quickly.

But it’s not quite over for us! Oh no! We have been involved in the Bad Friday project with St. Mary’s Cheadle, which is a really exciting holiday project for secondary school children. We are giving young people the chance to create a wonderful, modern passion play in just one week. Here is the flyer to give you some more information:

It’s a great opportunity for young people to have something fun to do in the holidays – and all of the workshops will be lead by professionals! Meals will be provided, and the whole week only costs £15! We have had relatively low sign up so far, so please spread the word around your youth groups and churches. Just think – on Good Friday evening you could be watching your children or the young people from your church perform a modern interpretation of the gospel!

To sign up, you just need to visit the Eventbrite page here and if you have any questions then get in touch!

So that’s all folks! We are taking a week off to recuperate before Bad Friday starts, but it’s been quite a term. A long term vision of the Trust has been to expand to a larger team, and after this term I can tell you that the harvest is ripe. We have been working at full capacity, stretching ourselves personally to the limits, but there are still hungry schools and many children in Stockport who are eager to hear the story of Jesus. So let’s pray. Let’s pray that God’s hand is on the future, that we work in this harvest time diligently and responsibly, and that if it is God’s will that our team expands, then he will provide everything we need.

Thank you, as always, for all your prayers and considerate messages. It is at times like this, when we are exhausted in our bodies but elevated in our spirit by the work of the Lord, that we know your prayers are pushing us on with strength we didn’t know we had. Here are some pictures of our work!


The children unroll their scrolls in our Mythbusters Easter project!
The scrolls have parts of the passion story on them – but their are words missing! What’s the missing word?
Inspiring children to be thankful for what they have! Wellbeing Assemblies
In our Mythbusters of Easter lesson the children watch a video of Jesus’ trial – the question is: Was it a fair trial?
The Church is full of young voices at St. Matthew’s Easter Unwrapped!
It’s biscuit making time – Easter Unwrapped!

The harvest is ready …. Are you?


We pray that your Easter is joyful, and a time of praise and excitement. The risen Lord is moving in Stockport! Let us celebrate in his victory.


Emma and the Team.