The Scripture Union 95 tour is in Stockport Tonight! 

Emmanuel Church, Green Lane, Heaton Norris. 7:15pm.

Tonight! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity!

We hope that we will see lots of people tonight at this great opportunity to hear about what Scripture Union is doing across the country to reach the 95% of children who are currently not in church, and what part Stockport has to play in that.

Like I said: Don’t miss out!

Mental Health Week: 9th of October 

This mental health week we:

Introduced 200 year 7 students to the Lily Jo project, an invaluable mental health resource. 

Did our “Time to change” stigma assembly with over 600 secondary school students

Did our “We’re not afraid of feelings!” assembly with over 600 primary school students. 

Did our “We’re not afraid of feelings!” lesson with 120 KS1 students 

Did our “Be Yourself!” project with 100 KS2 students 

Had over 40 new students attend a mental health drop in club

Had 5 new students disclose mental health difficulties to us at drop in club. 

Spoke to over 1000 students in total about mental health. 

Thank you for all your support and prayers. Our mental health week was really blessed by God, and we are very pleased and proud of all we managed to achieve with his help.

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Christianity DAY!

On Friday, we had an amazing time working with local volunteers and churches to deliver a Christianity day at an offerton primary school. It was such a great day, and even though it was incredibly tiring for the team, the school were very grateful and gracious and thankful. Praise God!

Here are some pictures of what we achieved in Christianity day!

Hope to see you tonight!