Hi everyone!

Let me start off my giving my gratitude once again to Heaton Mersey Methodist Church who hosted us for our prayer meeting last Saturday, and to St. Chad’s Handforth who gave us such a warm welcome on Sunday morning. I am constantly blessed by our supporters who cover us in prayer and encouragement. God has blessed our Trust richly, and as a team, we are so lucky to reap the benefits of that blessing of our supporters. Thank you for all your prayers.

I wanted to talk a little about story telling. It’s National Storytelling Week next week and we have a new project we are debuting – “The Greatest Storyteller.” In this lesson and assembly we talk to the children about their favourite stories, discuss what makes a great story, examine the stories of Jesus and why he told them, and then help the children create their own stories! We did our first one this morning at Stella Maris Primary in Heaton Mersey. It was such fun! Children never cease to amaze me with their creativity – from a class of 18 year 5 and 6’s we got tales of robo dogs, murders on German U-boats, and an elephant who was bullied for being too big! It reminds me of the spark of creation burning quietly in all of us, since the day of our birth. The spark of creation put there by a loving creator God, who wants to inspire us to know him better.

We are excited about this project. Included in it is Joe’s personal story of how he came to know Jesus which is so powerful to young children – a story of forgiveness, not only given by oneself or another person, but by God too. It is wonderful for us to then be able to compare the story of Joe’s life with the story of the prodigal son, a tale all of us who have trusted our lives to the Lord can relate to. For he is the God who welcomed us with loving arms when we were still unworthy. Today, in the classroom, I was struck by the power of this message as I spoke the words of scripture and Joe demonstrated them with the story of his life. Over the next week we will be sharing this story of God’s love and forgiveness in 10 different schools. Here they are and the day that they are on so you can be praying specifically:

Monday 30th – Assembly at All Saints Primary, Marple.

Monday 30th – Lesson at Cheadle Heath Primary, Stockport.

Monday 30th – Lesson at Fairway Primary, Offerton.

Tuesday 31st – Lesson and Assembly at Cale Green Primary, Stockport

Tuesday 31st – Lesson at Fairway Primary, Offerton

Wednesday 1st – Assembly at Queensgate Primary, Bramhall

Wednesday 1st – Lesson at Lane End Primary, Cheadle Hulme

Thursday 2nd – Assembly at Mersey Vale Primary, Heaton Mersey

Thursday 2nd – Assembly at Prospect Vale Primary, Stockport

Friday 3rd – Lesson at Dial Park Primary, Offerton

Friday 3rd – Lesson at All Saints Primary, Heatons.

Please be praying! And if there is a primary school that you are connected to that you think might enjoy this project then please get in contact. We find personal contacts with schools are the best way to let them know that something exciting is happening, and we are taking bookings over the next two weeks, so it’s not too late!

This project has also given me pause to think about my own story, and the story of Christians in Schools. Often, I can become convinced about the path I am taking – I can be sure that my way is the right way and nothing can move me. Doing this project has reminded me of the great story of God that is working it’s will in all of our lives. I am affected by the N.T Wright quote above, reminded that the story of Jesus is not just a tale to be told, but a journey to be lived. The story of the risen Lord is being completed through our lives, through our actions and thoughts and deeds. The story of Jesus is our story, and I am challenged today to ask myself – what story is my life telling?

I will leave you with that thought, but I hope and pray that you are filled with the joy and awe of living fully in the glorious story of the living God, and be challenged to show his love in your own thoughts, words, and deeds.

Today, and every day.


With blessings,