Friday 29th of July, 09:30 – 10:30, The Mill in Bramhall

Speaker: Andy Brownlee

I still remember the first session I planned as a youth worker. I was seventeen years old, and my friend and I had been given the task of planning a session for the younger youth group at church. We barely knew where to begin! We spent hours the night before thinking of ideas, crafting, and painstakingly writing a lesson using only our own experience and fresh ideas. No one gave us a syllabus or a plan, we felt like we were completely flying blind! It would take weeks before I scouted out helpful materials, forums and advice online. It was my first hint of how isolating it can be to be a youth worker.

Ten years on and I’ve worked with and for many different churches and organisations, and come to understand the real value of community. Many of us work alone most of the time. We find our material alone, we plan alone, and we deliver alone. We are all more than capable of doing what we do alone. However, community is the thing that makes us more than capable – it inspires, comforts, and uplifts us. I know I have benefitted from relationships with people who also work with children and young people, and I have had the pleasure of sharing resources, anecdotes and worries. This is what the Stockport Youth and Children’s Network is for: building a community of workers who can support one another through prayer and fellowship.

So what kind of term have you had? Do you need some fellowship as you reflect on your work and plan for the summer? Do you know someone in your church who would really value some time with other youth and children’s workers? Put Friday the 29th of July in your diary and come along, and pass the information on to those who might be interested!This meeting isn’t just for those who work full time in the church, it’s also for those of us who are volunteers. Those of us who give our Sunday mornings or Friday evenings, who search google for assembly ideas, and wonder if we are doing it right! Let’s get together and encourage one another.

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And if you can’t make it, then please do pray for us as we meet together. We want to encourage and inspire one another, and make great connections.

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