At Christians in Schools Trust, we create most of our own material for lessons and assemblies. However, we do use other resources for inspiration, or for multi-media input such as videos. Here are some of our favourite resources:

Youth Alpha

As well as running Youth Alpha in some schools, we also use their content in both primary and secondary schools to support our R.E. lessons. Check out their videos here:

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is an amazing YouTube channel and project that explores key biblical ideas through relatable and beautiful animation. We often use their work in our lessons to help children understand the bible! The Bible Project

Scripture Union

We are a Local Mission Partner of Scripture Union which means we have a great working relationship with them and are involved in feedback to their creative process. Their resource materials are available to everyone here: Resources

Saddleback Kids

Saddleback Kids is the children’s ministry of Saddleback Church in America, and they create amazing YouTube videos of Bible stories that we love to use in our work. They produce fun, silly, but informative biblical cartoons that are very popular with primary aged children: Saddleback Kids

The Lily Jo Project

We have been really lucky to work with Lily Jo from The Lily Jo Project in the high schools of Stockport. She is a Christian musician and a trained counsellor, and her charity is an amazing online mental health resource for young people and adults. Check out her website here: The Lily Jo Project

Chip Kendall Band

Chip Kendall has been an incredible partner to us in schools. He is a musician and performer and performs his music and projects in schools and churches around Stockport. He sometimes joins us in schools for special events and the children and young people love his fun style! Check out his website here: Chip Kendall band

Pray For Schools

Pray for schools is a great resource for us since prayer is a key part of the R.E. curriculum in both primary and secondary education. On their website, Pray for schools have resources applicable for prayer presentations and creating prayer spaces in schools. Check out their website here.