Hi everyone!

It’s fitting that we are thinking about stepping into newness today, as this email comes to you from our re-adopted new office! As of last week we are officially in the building with our keys and our stash of coffee and biscuits and a strange supply of crafts and props in the corner! It is great to have a space to work together. It is not until you can have a conversation with a colleague over the top of your laptops rather than in a million text messages that you realise how much you have missed having a shared work space!

We are so lucky and blessed by St. Matthew’s church in Edgeley for the shared use of their building. After a bit of a clear out last week and the continued efforts of our trustees to wade through the backlog of old paperwork, we are feeling quite settled in our new venue! I have even pulled out the paints this weekend to put together some art work which we have used to decorate the space!

However, I have been told by Joe and Andy that we need some more office chairs. We have one, which is Joe’s, but he is very concerned for my back and so we are looking for two more, for myself and Andy. After a bit of a fruitless freecycle search I am putting out the word among our supporters that we are looking for two office chairs in any working condition. So if you are about to wheel one down to the charity shop, stop! Please let me know and we will come and take it off your hands. Also, if you have any other general office furniture that you’ve been thinking about passing on, please get in touch with us before you send it off to the tip. We could use a little more storage space!

Aside from moving into the office, we are also in the midst of our Easter preparations. Our theme for this Easter is “Mythbusters!” and we will be taking the children back in time to visit some of the facts of the Easter story. This is going to be an immersive, fun project which will bring the story of Easter to life. We are really excited about it and have nearly filled up all our time with bookings, but there are some schools we continue to hear nothing back from, and it would be wonderful if you could pray specifically for breakthrough in these schools. They are:

Alexander Park Primary

Bredbury Green Primary

Banks Lane Junior School

Vernon Park Primary

Vale View Primary

Warren Wood Primary

St. Pauls Primary

Great Moor Primary

Bolshaw Primary

St. Mary’s Reddish

These are schools that perhaps we don’t have contact in and have not been able to make that all-important, initial first introduction. So please do pray, and if you yourself know a connection to a school, then please let us know.

In preparation for Easter I have signed up to do the 40acts challenge, which is when a challenge is sent to my inbox every day with a short biblical reflection, and I try to work that challenge into my day. So far, it has been very rewarding. So I have a little challenge here which we will be doing in the office, and we would like to invite you to join in. Perhaps in this season of Lent, you could take the name of one of these primary schools and commit to praying for it every day. Maybe you could go online and research the names of some of their staff and pray for those individuals. I firmly believe that when we petition God in prayer we see the spirit move. At my first CiST prayer meeting this time last year, we did a similar thing and one of the schools that was on the list to be prayed for was Woodley Primary. Very soon after that prayer meeting, doors swung open in that school and now it is one of our most booked schools.

We hope that our Easter project, which is so much about looking back and uncovering the Truth, will actually be the step by which many schools come into a new relationship with us. We believe that God’s spirit is moving in this town, and that hearts are being prepared to receive him. We pray that our Easter project will be part of that preparing for many young children across Stockport. That as we enter into a period of newness with our office and the Trust, that others will also enter in a more profound newness – the newness of relationship with Christ.


Emma, Joe, and Andy.