The Adventure begins! Wanna join us?

The week beginning the the 29th of January is the start of an exciting new project for us, possibly our most exciting and ambitious yet! What’s the project you might ask? Well, it’s our Storytelling Week project, and what it will do is get the first three chapters of the gospel of Luke into the hands of every students we meet! The Diary of the Disciple is a Scripture Union Union publication that brings the scripture of the gospel of Luke to life, using graphic text, illustration and a narrative voice that draws in students and engages them. We will be giving a hard copy of the Diary of a Disciple to each school for free, and each student a mini copy of the first 3 chapters in a book. The project consists of a carousel of 4 different activities led by team and church volunteers, and each activity takes the students further into the Diary, and helps them engage. We are excited to have 8 schools on board so far, and now we need your help!

The excitement of this project is the great opportunity that there is for a church to connect with a local school and watch young people become engaged with the bible directly. This is an opportunity that you can be involved in!

Of the 8 schools we have booked, we have several that we would like to offer the open opportunity for your church to connect with. If your church is local to any of the following schools and would like to be involved in our project, or if you have a local school that you would really like to offer this project to, please contact us. The schools we are hoping to connect with local churches are as follows:

Fairway Primary School in Offerton

St Elisabeth’s Primary School in Reddish

Romiley Primary School in Romiley

Stella Maris Primary School in Heaton Mersey

If you are part of a local church in one of these areas who might be interested in getting in contact with these schools, then please contact us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us in this exciting project!

Samuel Coleridge said that “I have found in the Bible words for my inmost thoughts, songs for my joy, utterance for my hidden griefs and pleadings for my shame and feebleness.”  How wonderful it is that we can offer this gift to young children! A place that they can go where they will be encouraged, and given wisdom, a place where they will find grace and forgiveness. We can’t wait to give this gift to the children of Stockport, and for you to be involved in the process!

Let’s put scripture in children’s hands, and watch the seeds grow in the power of the holy spirit!


Emma and the Team