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Hi everyone!

This is just a reminder email about our prayer meeting tomorrow at St. Catherine’s Church in Heald Green. We will be meeting at 9:00am, and praying through all of the projects we have going on, and also praying for our new workers! Yes, that plural is correct! As of Wednesday, we have a new hire at Christians in Schools Trust. His name is Joe Burgess, and he will join me and Andy on the team as the primary school worker. Here is a picture of him!

joe-burgessWe will introduce him properly in our newsletter, coming out the first week of December. But for now, here are some interesting tidbits to keep you going:

“Hi, my name is Joe! I grew up in Derby and I have been living in Manchester for 2 years. I have been doing work in school for the last 5 years, taking lessons and ensembles. I love using music and sport to connect with a kid/young person, and I love sharing my faith in a relevant way. In my spare time I love to play the drums, on a kid or any other surface that I can find!”

Joe won’t be at our prayer meeting tomorrow as he has not officially started with the Trust yet, but this will be your opportunity to meet and have a chat with our new part time secondary school worker, Andy. It will also be the perfect opportunity to come around him with prayer and support, as we should.


We hope that many of you can make it along tomorrow, and look forward to seeing you there!