Interactive Prayer Meeting

10:00am, Saturday 11/06

Stockport Baptist Church


“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

Ephesians 6:18

Why do we pray?

We pray for all sorts of reasons, but hopefully we pray for the same reason that we talk to our loved ones – because we love them and want to intimately know, and be known by them. The 24-7 Prayer website summarises it like this:

“Try praying because the Lord is listening (1Pt 3:12). Pray with others because when two of us get together and make a prayer of it, our Father in heaven goes into action (Mt 18:19). Get His attention because whatever we could ask, think or imagine, God is able to do more (Eph 3:20).”

We pray because God is listening, because God responds, and because he is loving and powerful! As Christians our prayer is an act of submission, as we draw everything in our lives under God’s sovereignty and assert that there is nothing he cannot do!

How do we pray?

We can pray in lots of ways, all deeply personal to the individual. At our prayer meeting on Saturday we will be using an Interactive Prayer Trail to inspire us to meditate on God’s work in our lives, and focus our prayers on his work in Stockport. The interactive Prayer trail guides the participant through different stages of reflection, using physical and interactive experiences to enhance these reflections. Here are some pictures of example prayer stations that have been used on similar interactive prayer trails:

10,000 reasons prayer hand prayer web

What do we pray for?

We will be praying for our local schools, the students we know, and that God’s hand will be guiding the future of Christian schools work in Stockport. As our supporters, we encourage you to attend the Interactive Prayer meeting this weekend and take this time to ask God for our hearts desire for the youth and children of Stockport.

“A prayer room is first and foremost a living room—a place where the Father waits for his children to come and climb into his arms.” 
 Pete Greig, Red Moon Rising: Rediscover the Power of Prayer

Join us we pray together, and spend time in the arms of our heavenly father. If you would like to invite people along, you can access our prayer meeting flyer here: Prayer meeting flyer

Let’s pray together!