Dear friends, 

We have come to end of a my first full year with Christians in Schools Trust. It feels wonderful to have reached this personal landmark, to have watched our work grow and flourish over the complete academic year, to have supported students for one year of their academic life and be able to look forward to observing them change and grow as the move up the school years. I feel blessed to have been a part of it all, and just looking back on what has been achieved this half term makes me proud. Here are some numbers that give us a sense of everything the Lord has done:

Since half term we have run:

13 lunch club meetings in secondary schools 

6 Tap classes at Stockport Academy 

A week of young carers assemblies where we spoke to over 600 children

4 Be Yourself projects with y6’s

2 managing exam stress seminars with year 11 students

4 Bullying awareness drama classes with Matt Brittton, director 

21 “It’s Your Move!” sessions – totaling over 500 students

1 Trustees meeting 

1 R.E Subject leaders meeting 

5 Primary school R.E lessons 

30 Primary school assemblies on many different topics: Running the race, sports, caring for refugees,Oxfam water week, end of year assemblies, and bees! 

1 Prize giving ceremony 

4 Thanksgiving services at Stockport Academy, with Brightline Band from The Message Trust 

2 new job openings for schools workers at Christians in Schools Trust!

As you can see, there has been so much going on that we can be thankful for. God has truly blessed our ministry. The schools respond to us with thankfulness and love, sharing with us how much they appreciate our work with them, and how much they love our team coming into schools. We have even been blessed by voluntary financial donations from schools this half term! We are excited to share the work with two new workers in September. It is my prayer and hope that God will provide us with individuals who are not only capable but also visionary, bringing with them their own talents and ideas how to expand our work. We have been very blessed by Joe that he has brought with him his talent for excellent multi-media presentations and music. I am excited to see what our new workers will add to the team!

I would like to include some prayer points now that you might keep in mind before the end of term and over the summer. I will send out one blog post over the summer, just to let you know about all our goings on with the hiring process of our new workers, but they will not be as regular until next term starts. I would like to thank you as well for your ongoing prayer and support. I am convinced that the prayers of our supporters have carried us through difficult times – particularly times of team illness, or the two weeks that all of our cars decided to break down! Thank you.

Prayer points: 

  • Prayer for energy

    We still have a lot of work to do over the summer, what with hiring new staff and preparing everything for next term. We are also still three days away from the final end of term. In that time, we have 2 assemblies and 2 “It’s Your Move!” sessions. We still need a lot of energy to get to the end and finish the term well! Please pray for that.

  • Prayer for Joe’s move

    Please pray for Joe as he prepares to move to Cheltenham with his wife, Rosie. They need to be moving next week, which is putting them under a lot of pressure. We care a lot for Joe and Rosie, and we want their move to be an easy transition and for them to settle well into their new life and church in Cheltenham. Please join us in praying for this.

  • Prayer for the hiring process

    We are very excited about the prospect of new workers, but first we need to go through the hiring process and listen carefully to God’s voice to discern who the right candidates are. Please pray for the Trustees as they manage this difficult process.

  • Prayer for vision

    Please pray for us as we plan and move forward over the summer. We always need new ideas and inspiration for how we can develop our material so that we can offer the schools the very best of who we are, and what we can show. Please pray for us as we think and brainstorm ideas.

As always, thank you for your continued prayer and support. It means so much to all of us.