Happy Friday everyone!

Our first week back in school term has been full of meetings, planning and dreaming big dreams! A lot of that has been taking place at Church House, the re-vamped St. Matthew’s Community Centre that our office is based in. This year, as a team we are focusing on supporting one another and building an even stronger community, and part of that is spending regular time together in the office. However! We are at a small disadvantage – we are missing a desk and a couple of desk chairs! Poor Jen and Josh have a long-standing friendly turf war over the big black office chair, and whilst hot desking is a solution in a lot of work environments, for us to spend our time working together effectively we need to have the proper equipment.

So what do we need?

– 2 office chairs with appropriate support

-1 flat desk no larger than 130 cm length and 60 cm depth.

So do you happen to have any office furniture that you are hoping to get rid of? Maybe it’s time to Marie Kondo that home office and donate some leftover furniture to our cause! Or perhaps your church or work have surplus office furniture that could use a good home? If you have an idea then please let us know! Email Steve at chair.cist@outlook.com to organise furniture collection/delivery.

Upcoming events:

Don’t forget that this Sunday is Education Sunday! We hope that you will hold your local teachers in your heart this Sunday, and also lift our team up in prayer as we start the year.

Supporters Coffee and Prayer meeting: We can’t wait to spend time with the supporters on Tuesday 8th of October at 10am at our office location at Church House, 99 Chatham Street, Edgeley. SK3 9EG. Come and join us for coffee and chat!

As always, we thank our supporters and our friends for your prayers and commitment to the Trust. We pray that your own first week of term has been full of joy and peace.

With blessings,
The Christians in Schools Trust Team.