Living in the 95 

Did you know that 95% of all children and young people are not in church? You might have guessed if you have ever tried to teach a class of 8 year old’s about the bible, or have ever lead a sunday school lesson at a local church in the last ten years. The next generation of young people are a generation who have maybe never stepped inside a church building, never touched or opened a bible, and never engaged with a practicing Christian before. With only 5% of children making it through the doors of a church, how will they hear the gospel? The answer is quite simple – we will have to take it to them, where they are. On the streets, in youth clubs, online, and, significantly, at school.

At Christians in Schools the largest we see the 95% every day. Most of the children (We estimate 95 – 97%) come from a very limited religious and spiritual background. They are children who only go to churches for funerals (very few people are christened these days, and more and more people choose to get married outside of a church) and only hear about the bible at school in their limited R.E lessons. What we do is, at it’s simplest and most essential level, is engage children with a reality that they may never have had the opportunity to consider: What does it mean for me if God actually is real?

We have spent two days this week with Scripture Union at the Local Mission Partners conference in Leeds. It was a great time of renewal and inspiration, but it was also a time of real reflection. As Scripture Union begins to alter their national focus and mission towards the 95%, it really shed light on the importance of the work we do at Christians in Schools Trust. We are really excited to be part of the Scripture Union 95 tour, which will be stopping in Stockport on Monday 16 Oct (19:15) at  Emmanuel Community Church, 55 Green Lane Stockport. SK4 3LH. 

You can reserve your place at the event through the event brite link, here.

It would be great to see as many of you there as possible; there will be refreshments and a Scripture Union book tour, and a great opportunity to be trained by Scripture Union associates and learn about their work in the North West. I’m sure that anyone who attends will come away with loads of ideas as to how to reach the 95% in your local area!

Mental health week: 

It’s mental health week next week, which means we will be doing mental health projects in primary and secondary schools across Stockport. We are focusing on two particular themes this year: “Living with Mental Health,” which engages young people to support their friends with mental health problems, and “We’re not afraid of feelings!” which engages children to talk about their Big feelings with people they love and trust. Please pray for all of the young people we see next week; that those who are struggling will be encouraged by our presence to speak up, and that those who are not struggling will learn something about how they can support their friends and family. Please also pray for the youngest children we will be working with next week – year 1 children. Please pray that what we engage them with will be the first steps of a journey to a national culture change where children and young people are able to be open about their mental health status and live without stigma. I look forward to sharing our stories from mental health week with you next week. Here are the details of where we will be and when:

Stockport Academy – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning.

Cheadle Heath Primary – Monday

Cheadle Primary – Monday

Bradshaw Hall Primary – Tuesday

Fairway Primary – Tuesday

Abingdon Primary – Wednesday

Thursday – Cheadle Primary.

Christianity Day! 


We are doing a full day of Christian workshops in a primary school and we need some extra help! 

Next Friday we are undertaking our first “Christianity Day!” at a Primary school in Offerton. We are taking the whole school off-timetable and have arranged for some amazing people to come in and provide exciting workshops for the children. However, we could really use some extra help and extra leaders. If you are part of a local church, or would like to support us in this, please get in touch. You would need to be available from 8:30 – 13:00 on Friday the 13th of October. This is a great chance to reach out to the 95% yourself!

Come and be part of the adventure! 

You’ll find some photos from our LMP Day away below.



Emma and Jill on day one – Having a great time!
First talk on day 1 – learning all about teaching young people to Abide in the Vine of the Lord
Final session on the last day – worship and being commissioned back into our work!
The Diary of a Disciple! Really excited to working with this new material.