Hey Everyone!

First off, a story:

When I was seventeen I didn’t know what to do with my life. I had done really well in school and my parents were pushing me towards University. I wanted to go, I had a desire to learn, but I also had a burning heart for youth work. I was sure that God wanted me to a gap-year in youth work. I faced immediately opposition from everyone I knew! As a shy, introverted person who struggled to attend parties on my own and had never been much of a joiner, most people were incredulous at the idea that I might up sticks and move half way up the country to a city I had never seen, to work for a charity no one had heard of! Their judgements meant something to me. My parents concerns meant something to me.I felt lost, caught between my instincts and my fears.

I sat in my car, praying and ranting at God. “I don’t know what’s coming next!” I shouted, “I don’t know what the path is! I have no idea where I’m going!” Then the still, small voice. “Be still.” I quietened down. The path didn’t suddenly become clearer, but something else did. Whatever happened, wherever I went, God would always be with me. He was always just a breath away, ready to calm me, ready to quiet my mind with the still, small voice. God would direct my steps. He would by right there, with every step, even if I never found out what the plan was or where the path was leading me towards. Whatever happened next, I was going to walk the path with God.

That was ten years ago and the road has definitely not been clear. I followed the path to Sheffield and into youth work, before continuing to follow to Scotland and University.There have been many times I have ranted at God again, frustrated that the road is not more straight or more defined, but at every twist and turn, the Lord has walked with continued to walk with me. I once again find myself in his service as a youth and children’s worker, ten years after that initial, fiery call that I was afraid to follow. He continues to amaze me, and when I find my heart racing and my fears of the future rising, I remember that still, small voice. Be still. And then walk. Let’s prepare to walk with God.


So why did I tell that story?

Because at the start of an academic year, I can’t help but think about the road ahead. As a Trust, we find ourselves in that very familiar place of not knowing what is coming next. Many of us might find ourselves in a similar place. As we pray and plan for potential new workers, you might be praying for your children, or your local schools, or your own future walk with God. Together we can all look to enter that familiar space where we can hear that still, small voice. Our prayer meeting is a great place for us to do that, to realign ourselves with the Lord, and seek his face.

So let’s get together this Saturday and join together in prayer. Let’s pray for our path together, the path of the church in Stockport as it seeks to further the work of Jesus Christ. Let’s pray for the path of the church, as it winds it’s way into schools. Let’s pray for our own personal paths; that God will still our minds and help us to trust him with our lives.

Let’s take a walk with God.

Saturday, 24th of September at 10am, Romiley Life Centre.

We look forward to seeing you there!