Don’t forget our creative prayer meeting tomorrow! 

9:00 am, Stockport Baptist Church. 60, Thomson Street, Stockport, SK3 9DR

It’s time for our last prayer meeting of the year! As a team, we are stumbling our way towards the end of term, exhausted and a little under the weather! When things get busy and hectic, we can often put prayer on the back burner, shove it to the end of our to-do list, and push on through. Even if experience has taught us time and again this is a bad idea, even if the bible teaches us that prayer should be at the very top of our list, we still fall into familiar, unhelpful patterns. One of my favourite quotes of all time is about prayer, from Martin Luther: 

Image result for i have so much to do that i shall spend the first three hours in prayer

So let’s lean in! Let’s follow Luther’s example and start our saturday on the right foot – in prayer! Tomorrow we are going to be exploring prayer in creative ways – we have a creative God, and he loves it when we worship the Creator with Creativity! We will have some prayer stations and opportunities to focus on certain aspects of mission and life.This will be a wonderful chance to spend time in prayer together and focus on God, the reason for the season, our Creator and giver of life.

I hope to see you there!