A view from half term

We made it to half term! And what a half term it has been! We have delivered two new projects this term and developed strong relationships with two new secondary schools, and those are only the highlights! We have delivered: … Continue reading

A view from the new half term – Christmas is coming!

  Hi everyone! Wow, it seems like the last three weeks since I posted a blog have flashed past, and now, wherever I look, Christmas is coming! Advent calendars are on special offer in Morrison’s, the John Lewis Christmas advent … Continue reading

Stockport youth and children’s Network event

Hi everyone! Just reminding you that tomorrow is our first meeting of the Stockport youth and children’s Network. It will be held at The Mill, in Bramhall and will be starting at 09:30 am. Tea and coffee will be served, … Continue reading

Things to pray in the last few weeks of term

*** n.b. If you are reading this on your email, you will need to follow the link to the website page to complete any RSVP forms***   Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience with the multiple emails this week – … Continue reading

Stockport youth and children’s network event

STOCKPORT YOUTH AND CHILDREN’S NETWORK EVENT Friday 29th of July, 09:30 – 10:30, The Mill in Bramhall Speaker: Andy Brownlee I still remember the first session I planned as a youth worker. I was seventeen years old, and my friend … Continue reading

Things to pray for this week 11/7

***A reminder to our email subscribers, please click on the link in your email to view this message, and the visual content, online. Thank you!! *** What can you pray for? Hi everyone! Thank you again for your continued prayer … Continue reading