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Important: Time is running out – don’t let it be goodbye!

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Newsletter Easter 2018

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We are so grateful to all of our supporters for helping us get through this busy Easter period with your prayers and comforting words. Thank you!

Well, we have had quite a term! Here’s a little round-up of everything we have achieved since half term!

9 Primary school assemblies delivered

10 Guardians of Ancora clubs in two local schools

13 Primary school R.E lessons across Stockport

15 Secondary School clubs across 3 Stockport High Schools

easter church visit project with Stockport Grammar School 

89 Year 11 students seen with our Exam stress seminar with Lily Jo 

4 Assemblies delivered at Werneth High School 

Multiple High School R.E lessons delivered across Stockport 

One R.E afternoon at Norris Bank Primary School

One Christians in Schools Trust Coffee morning, our first one!

One Christians in Schools Trust Commissioning Service for Josh 

One Christian Controversies Conference visited in Chester

One Christians in Schools Trust Prayer meeting with St Cuthbert’s Church

One Parenting children with mental health workshop delivered at Trinity Church, Cambridge, and 20 parents reassured and educated. 

Roughly 1560 students seen in over 40 Easter sessions in primary schools! 

One Lord and Saviour lifted high and Glorified! 

To hear more about all of these wonderful things and read reviews from teachers and our special letter to you, our supporters, please follow the link here to our most recent Newsletter, here. NEWSLETTER EASTER 2018

We praise God for all he has achieved in schools this half term; all the lives he has touched and all the ways he has strengthened and guided us and allowed us to be tools of his work. We hope and pray that at this Easter time of joy and thanksgiving, you will also feel strengthened and guided by Him towards the mission he has for your life. We are all blessed by God with the purpose to make him known to the world and our community. We hope and pray that at this time of Easter, when we celebrate the culminative moment of God’s mission to save humanity, you will delve deeper into the knowledge of how God desires you to live out this purpose in your life.

May he bless you and your family and those you love with his grace and his peace this Easter time. May you come to realise more fully the radical love and outrageous Grace that we are given through Christ Jesus. May the empty cross reign over your hearts and lives this Easter. Amen.

With Easter blessings,

The Christians in Schools Trust Team

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RSVP to supporter Coffee morning

Hi everyone! 

We are very excited about our Supporter Coffee morning next week on Tuesday the 13th of March at our offices on Chatham Street from 10am – 11am. However, we haven’t recieved many responses from our RSVP request – it would be very helpful to hear from you either way before the event, so please RSVP to Steve Innes at the above details so we can get our cake and coffee ready for you!

This will be a great opportunity for you to spend time with the team and the Trustees and socialise with us. Don’t miss out!

Thank you, we appreciate your courtesy.


Emma and the Team




IMPORTANT: Don’t let this be goodbye.

Important: Don’t let this be goodbye!

To continue recieving these emails and updates, you need to formally consent to Christians in Schools Trust holding your data. When you subscribe to our email updates, you subscribe to our wordpress blog. The information we keep is this: Your name and email address. 

To confirm that we can continue to contact you and store this information, you need to fill in the contact form below. We need to receive this confirmation of consent form from you by the 25th of May 2018. Without it, we cannot continue to contact you in this way.

Why the change?

  1. Happy you: We will only be sending information to those who want it!
  2. Happy planet: We conserve valuable resources
  3. Happy government: We will be complying with the new GDPR effective 25 May 2018. 

Your support means so much to us – don’t let this be goodbye!

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You are invited to…. A PARTY!!

We’re having a party!! 

It might not feel like it, friends, but it’s been 25 years! Christians in Schools Trust has been serving Stockport for generations, and we are so pleased to be able to share this precious memory with you all.

To honour it, we are holding an evening of celebration to which we are inviting all of you, our remarkable supporters. Paper invites have been sent out to those not online, and to those of you reading this email, I really hope that many of you will be able to RSVP yes and join us in thanksgiving and joy on the 16th of May. This is not just a blog post, but an official invite which is only being sent to our supporters. This evening is as much about honouring you as honouring our history, and I truly am hoping that all of you can join us for this special event.

To reiterate the details:

16th of May, 7pm for a 7:30pm start, held at Stockport Baptist Church.

Please RSVP to by the 28th of February, 2018. 

There will be worship, videos, prayers, speakers, refreshments, and goodie bags, so don’t miss out! 

Please don’t forget about our Commissioning Service this coming Sunday! 

Let’s support and honour Josh as he expresses his committment both to the role, but also to taking on the responsibility of bringing Jesus to the children of Stockport on behalf of us, the Church. Let’s encourage him and support him by our presence.

A review of Storytelling Week: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Dear supporters, your prayers were an UNBELIEVABLE blessing to us over the last two weeks. There was never a time in schools where we were without volunteers, church support, teacher’s encouragement, and the overwhelming enthusiasm of the students. It has been such a tremendous blessing to bring the bible to young people in this way, and to see the response they have had to learning about God’s word in a new way. Undoubtably, my most encouraging moment of the two weeks, a moment that made all the stress and hard work worth it, was going back to a school we had visited a week earlier with the Storytelling project, and hearing that some students had been so excited to read the full version of the book that we had gifted to their school library, that they had gone home and ordered their own copies online! It was wonderful to hear such genuine enthusiasm and impatience from the children to spend time reading about Jesus.

So once again, THANK YOU! There were moments in the project when I definitely felt the strength of the Lord, and I know that was because of the prayer and the support of you all.

We are so blessed by you, and so I hope and pray that God himself continues to bless you with the strength with which he blessed us all.

Emma and the Team


Prayer meeting! Don’t miss out!

Let’s pray together! 

We have an upcoming prayer event we want to make you aware of! We are teaming up with St. Cutherbert’s Church to deliver a Cafe Church Prayer meeting this Sunday. This is a great opportunity to come together and worship, pray, and have coffee and for you to learn more about exactly what it is that we’re getting up to! We get so much out of this time spent with the Christian Community. Sometimes, just working in schools all the time, we can feel a little disconnected from the Church and it’s great to spend some time reconnecting. When we get together in these situations, it’s incredibly encouraging for us to witness your prayers and feel your support in person. The spirit is truly present at these times, and it is wonderful.

So don’t miss out!

Sunday 28th of January, 6:30pm at St Cuthbert’s Church in Cheadle. 

We can’t wait to spend time with at this event!


The Team.



Preparations are afoot! Storytelling Week and how you can get involved.

The Adventure begins! Wanna join us?

The week beginning the the 29th of January is the start of an exciting new project for us, possibly our most exciting and ambitious yet! What’s the project you might ask? Well, it’s our Storytelling Week project, and what it will do is get the first three chapters of the gospel of Luke into the hands of every students we meet! The Diary of the Disciple is a Scripture Union Union publication that brings the scripture of the gospel of Luke to life, using graphic text, illustration and a narrative voice that draws in students and engages them. We will be giving a hard copy of the Diary of a Disciple to each school for free, and each student a mini copy of the first 3 chapters in a book. The project consists of a carousel of 4 different activities led by team and church volunteers, and each activity takes the students further into the Diary, and helps them engage. We are excited to have 8 schools on board so far, and now we need your help!

The excitement of this project is the great opportunity that there is for a church to connect with a local school and watch young people become engaged with the bible directly. This is an opportunity that you can be involved in!

Of the 8 schools we have booked, we have several that we would like to offer the open opportunity for your church to connect with. If your church is local to any of the following schools and would like to be involved in our project, or if you have a local school that you would really like to offer this project to, please contact us. The schools we are hoping to connect with local churches are as follows:

Fairway Primary School in Offerton

St Elisabeth’s Primary School in Reddish

Romiley Primary School in Romiley

Stella Maris Primary School in Heaton Mersey

If you are part of a local church in one of these areas who might be interested in getting in contact with these schools, then please contact us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us in this exciting project!

Samuel Coleridge said that “I have found in the Bible words for my inmost thoughts, songs for my joy, utterance for my hidden griefs and pleadings for my shame and feebleness.”  How wonderful it is that we can offer this gift to young children! A place that they can go where they will be encouraged, and given wisdom, a place where they will find grace and forgiveness. We can’t wait to give this gift to the children of Stockport, and for you to be involved in the process!

Let’s put scripture in children’s hands, and watch the seeds grow in the power of the holy spirit!


Emma and the Team


Christmas Newsletter!

We made it to Christmas! 

Since half term we have achieved:

19 Primary school assemblies 

1 Teenagers and Horror culture seminar 

23 secondary school lunch and mental health drop in clubs 

21 Anti-bullying lessons and assemblies

1 ‘Jesus Day’ with a year group at Norris Bank Primary 

200 children understood more about worship at R.E afternoon at Romiley Primary 

4 Resilience lessons for year 8’s with the Lily Jo Project 

1 Prayer meeting at Stockport Baptist Church

1 Mayors Prayer Breakfast at Stockport council 

39 Primary School Christmas lessons 

1 Very exciting Christmas Concert! 

4 R.E worship lessons with Year 1 and 2 

1 Christmas Unwrapped afternoon at St Matthews Church with over 200 children

1 week of Christmas Assemblies at Bramhall High School 

3 R.E lessons with Year 8 on “Suffering”

1 R.E lesson with Year 11 on “War and Peace” 

4 whole year group Christmas assemblies reaching all of Stockport Academy with the real message of Christmas! 

As always, we are thankful for God’s continued grace and provision, and the care and prayer of our supporters. We certaintly have some really exciting events lined up for you next year! These are things you don’t want to miss, so make sure you get them in the diary! You will find them, as well as our highlights from the year, a letter from our Chairman and a report from our Treasurer in our Newsletter here: NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS 2017

We hope you enjoy it, and that you all have a very Merry and blessed Christmas.


Everyone at Christians in Schools Trust



Let’s pray creatively!

Don’t forget our creative prayer meeting tomorrow! 

9:00 am, Stockport Baptist Church. 60, Thomson Street, Stockport, SK3 9DR

It’s time for our last prayer meeting of the year! As a team, we are stumbling our way towards the end of term, exhausted and a little under the weather! When things get busy and hectic, we can often put prayer on the back burner, shove it to the end of our to-do list, and push on through. Even if experience has taught us time and again this is a bad idea, even if the bible teaches us that prayer should be at the very top of our list, we still fall into familiar, unhelpful patterns. One of my favourite quotes of all time is about prayer, from Martin Luther: 

Image result for i have so much to do that i shall spend the first three hours in prayer

So let’s lean in! Let’s follow Luther’s example and start our saturday on the right foot – in prayer! Tomorrow we are going to be exploring prayer in creative ways – we have a creative God, and he loves it when we worship the Creator with Creativity! We will have some prayer stations and opportunities to focus on certain aspects of mission and life.This will be a wonderful chance to spend time in prayer together and focus on God, the reason for the season, our Creator and giver of life.

I hope to see you there!



All Different, All Equal. Anti-bullying week


It’s Anti-bullying week!

Hi everyone! In the lead up to Christmas, everything gets going for us! Next week is anti-bullying week nationwide, and we will be delivering projects on the theme of “All Different, All Equal,” in schools across Stockport. We have already delivered the project in two schools (Cheadle Primary and St John’s Primary) and we could appreciate your prayers for us as we lead these sessions in the following schools. The project focuses on addressing prejudice and discrimination – a hot topic for many schools at the moment – and a topic that requires a lot of sensitivity. I pray that the holy spirit will be with us in all we say and do. Please do take note of when we are delivering in a school close to you, and maybe spare a moment to pray for us on that day. Every prayer makes a difference!


All Saints Primary, Heatons. 9 – 1pm

Cheadle Heath Primary, Edgeley. 9 – 1pm.

Mersey Vale Primary, Heaton Mersey. 1 – 3pm.

Romiley Primary, Romiley. 1 – 3pm.


Abingdon Primary, Reddish. 9 – 12

Norris Bank Primary, Heaton Norris. 9 – 11

Mersey Vale Primary, Heaton Mersey. 1 – 3pm

Lane End Primary, Cheadle Hulme. 1 – 3pm.


St Thomas’ Primary, Heaton Mersey 9 – 3pm

Queensgate Primary, Bramhall 9 – 12


Woodley Primary, Woodley. 11 – 12

Moss Hey Primary, Bramhall 1 – 2pm

Ramilies School, Cheadle Hulme 2 – 4pm


Norbury Hall Primary, Hazel Grove 9 – 3pm

Didsbury Road Primary, Heaton Mersey 9 – 10

Tuesday 21st

Prospect Vale Primary, Heald Green 9 – 1pm

Friday 24th 

Fairway Primary, Offerton. 9:30 – 3:30pm

Let’s pray together! 

I also want to invite you all to our last prayer meeting of the year! Myself and our Heaton’s worker, Jill, will be leading a creative prayer meeting at Stockport Baptist Church, on Saturday the 25th of November at 9am. There will be coffee and tea provided, and we will also have set up creative prayer spaces in the church. This is a great opportunity to come and spend some time in prayer for our area, our schools, and ourselves. Please join us as we dig into prayer for the last stretch of the term.

We appreciate all the prayers for our work – they are sustenance to us when we have nothing more to give! We hope to see many of you on the 25th, and I can’t wait to update you about how all our anti-bullying projects have gone.