it's your move

I want to talk to you today about moving to secondary school.

It’s been a long time, right?

For me, it’s been sixteen years since I took the first step onto the bus to go to secondary school, my stomach clenched with nervousness, and my brand new schoolbag strapped on my back! Even now, I can still remember how much of a big deal it was. It’s not just moving to a new school and familiarising yourself with new teachers, new classrooms, new schedules and new friends, but it’s the beginning of a whole new stage of life. Growing up might have seemed slow in the past, but moving to a big school full of bustling teenagers can make growing up seem like it needs to happen in just one week!

Consequently, the y6 students we encounter in our “It’s Your Move!” lessons often express worries and concerns that go way beyond homework and timetables. 29% of students recorded that bullying was the thing they were most frightened about when moving to secondary school, and statistics show that 1 in 4 children struggle with the transition with associative drop in academic performance. Like I said, it’s not just a case of a different uniform – it’s a really big deal! That’s part of the reason why “It’s your Move!” has been our most popular Christians in Schools Trust Project – it meets a real need in the children and it supports the staff as they try to provide the best preparation they can.

You can also be part of this preparation process! You can personally ensure that a child has the chance to share their concerns and is given access to more support as they undertake this big transition. What could be more rewarding than that?! We need your support to reach our goal of at least 33 schools this year, nearly 1000 students. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

Donate: “It’s Your Move!” books

We provide each student with an “It’s Your Move!” book which is a guide to moving to secondary school and links to some of the games and activities we do in our lesson. It also includes first hand accounts from secondary school students, advice from teachers and youth workers, and lots of opportunities for students to record some of their private thoughts about the process. They are invaluable, and teachers often use them as a continuing resource with their students! We could use all of your help and generosity to financially support us we provide one book to each student. The books cost us £1 each, so a donation of £30 would cover the cost of books for an entire class in your local primary school! We appreciate your generosity in this. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.

Publicise: New Schools and connections

Do you know a contact in a school that might really benefit from this project? We are always looking to present “It’s Your Move!” to new schools. Are you a teacher, a governor, an interested parent? You could send the school you have in mind a link to our website, you could link them to our facebook page, or you could contact us directly and ask us to send you a helpful electronic flyer you can circulate.  We want as many schools in Stockport to have access to our projects in order to benefit as many children as possible. Your connections and promotion are a big part of that!

Collaborate: Going into schools!

Are you a church leader, a youth worker, a children’s worker, or someone who represents an organisation who is passionate about supporting your local school? Then collaborate with us! Many of our projects are delivered with the help and support of local communities, churches, and youth workers. Get in contact with us and we can arrange to do the project together. We want to help you build up your relationship with your local school.

Pray: Spiritual Support

We are a Christian organisation and we receive tremendous spiritual support from the faith community. One of the most valuable things our supporters can do for us is pray for the success of the projects, and that the children involved will be supported and benefitted through it. Thank you!

And if you’re still not sure about “It’s Your Move!” then take a look at this great video from Scripture Union, who created the material. Hear the first hand accounts of children and teachers who have experienced, and consider how you can support “It’s your Move!” this year as we aim to reach at least 33 schools. Let’s get moving, everyone!