Hi everyone!

Thank you for all of your prayers for our primary school worker, Joe Burgess. He is recovering his health quickly and we are grateful to the Lord for providing us such an incredible team. Thank you also for your prayers about our Bad Friday project that we are running in coordination with St. Mary’s Church, Cheadle. The Lord has been faithful, and we have had many young people sign onto the project. Now we are praying specifically that their families will come to the performance. Since many of the young people come from non-Christian households, this could have a real positive impact on them. We are also praying for a supportive, praying audience who will provide the young people with the encouragement they will need on the night. So if you possibly can, please do come along on Friday. Tickets are free and can be got on the door but we are encouraging people to book in advance, so please do that and follow the link online here.

The performance is at 19:00 on Good Friday (Friday 14th of April) and taking place at St. Mary’s Church, Cheadle.

This is a fun way to support our work and support the young people. They are working so hard at the moment and really enjoying themselves in the process – we want to ensure that they have the size of audience they really deserve. I hope to see many of you on Friday night!

But wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I pray that this Easter weekend is a time of reflection and joy for all of you as we celebrate the victory of our Lord.