Hi everyone!

This post is all about prayer: The prayer meeting we have come up, the prayer requests that we have for the rest of the term…. We hope this is helpful for you in your prayers!

Don’t forget: We have our Teachers prayer meeting at 4pm on Friday 7th of December at our office, 99 Chatham Street, SK3 9EG

This is a great opportunity for teachers of faith to meet together and pray together in community across Stockport. It is lead by our Trustee, Chris Hall. If you have a friend or church member who is a teacher in Stockport, please don’t hesitate to invite them to come. I’m sure it would be very helpful for them!

Prayer requests:

We are entering one of our busiest times of year (as I am sure you all are too!) and as we reach out to hundreds of children with the message of Christ, we desperately need your prayers for our work in the following ways:

  • Prayers for health and strength

    At this time of year, we are all fearful of the various colds and flus running around which are usually rife in schools. Please pray for all of our team that we are able to maintain good health until the end of term to be at our very best for the children.

  • Prayers for good relationships

    Christmas is a time when we have a wide exposure to new and different schools. Oftentimes, our workers will be in schools for the very first time and it is important that they make good relationships there. Please pray that schools are open and accepting and that we build good connections there.

  • Prayers that children will come to know God

    As Christians, it’s sometimes easy to forget how radical and life-changing the news of Christmas really is. We can get caught up in the cultural story of the season, and forget that our true perspective of Jesus is so completely revolutionary to the hundreds of young children who only know the Jesus of a Christmas card. Please pray that the messages we bring about “The Noisy Neighbours” (for Key Stage 1) and “The Well Good Christmas” (for Key Stage 2) really touch the hearts of the children we meet.

As always, we thank you for your prayer and support. It means so much to us, especially in this stressful and wonderful season.

With blessings,

Emma and the team