Praying According to His Will

Hi Everyone! Well, we’ve had a busy start of the term! In these first two weeks we have undergone a new endeavour for us at Christians in Schools and delivered training to teachers in a Church of England School, covering the basics of Christianity. This was an amazing opportunity not only to educate staff to the level that they require, but to also equip staff with ideas and examples of how to teach engaging lessons on Christian themes and how to lead enriching worship sessions. God is already working in our summer term as our bookings fill up for “It’s Your Move!” and our Secondary School work continues at a break-neck pace. There’s a lot to pray for!

So I want to remind you about our upcoming prayer meeting. We were so blessed to have many of our supporters join us for our Commissioning Service. Andy and Joe were very grateful for all of your support, and for those of you who couldn’t be with us, thank you for your prayers. It was a real time of celebration. Now is the time for prayer!

As our supporters, you will know more than anyone how much work we are doing and how powerfully God is moving in our schools in Stockport, opening doors we would never have imagined to find open. You will also know that as a Trust we have aspirations for a larger team. This year, we have really sensed the edges of the areas of growth that lie just outside of our resources – we know that there is space to grow and work to be done, but we need the workers to do it, and for those workers we need the finances. So part of our prayer meeting this week will be dedicated to this, praying into our desire for more team members and bringing it before the Lord. We are going to pray confidently, according to 1 John 5:14, and know that if our desires are within God’s Will, He will accomplish it.

We will also be praying for our work, of course, and sharing some stories from the our wonderful and exciting work! We will also be offering prayers of intense intercession for our schools. It seems that in the last two weeks we have been made aware of some of the darker, harder, underlying needs of some of the Stockport communities and the children who live in them. We have been made aware of several situations where Jesus is needed to powerfully intervene and save individuals from dreadfully dark situations. We have become even more aware of some of the real struggles and dangers of the world that young people live in, especially online. The young people of Stockport are quite literally in danger, and we need to come together in a real movement of prayer for them. We will have a few more details at the prayer meeting to help you pray specifically into situations. I hope that many of you will be able to join us.

The details!

9:00am, This Saturday 6th of May, All Saints Church, Marple, SK6 7LD.

I look forward to seeing you there!



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