We’ve made it to half term!

Hi everyone!

The last two months have been exciting and nerve-wracking and so full of God’s power and might! At the start of the term, I found myself the leader of a non-existent team and worrying about what the coming year would hold. Now, a mere eight weeks later, we have a new team member, a job advert out for another, and new projects developing in both primary and secondary schools! God’s hand has been over our work so intensely, and I really feel that the verse above sums up our response to that. The works of the Lord are great, and as we ponder them we delight in the riches of his love and provision. So that you can also ponder and be delighted, I have outlined everything that has been achieved this half-term. The work of God is so good!

1 new worker:

Andy Wisdom has joined us as our part-time secondary school worker. He has amazing experience working for The Message and will definitely be a great addition to our team. Praise God for his passion, skills and insight!

1 SU conference attended:

Andy and I attended the Scripture Union Conference this week and had an amazing time sharing our work about mental health week and learning from the other organisations present. It is amazing to have such a strong network of youth workers and children’s workers supporting us and inspiring us.

1 prayer meeting, 1 Commissioning Service, and 1 Church visit.

7 schools booked for Anti-Bullying:

We have a total of 7 schools booked for our anti-bullying projects this November. We are still waiting for more bookings, but this is already enough to fill anti-bullying week so we are getting ready to spill over into other weeks!

11 young people asked for help:

During Mental Health Week at Stockport Academy we had 11 young people come forward for extra help, allowing us to connect them with school projects that can help them and give them the support they need. I hope and pray that for all of them this is a decisive moment in their lives where they decided to care for themselves and reach out.

14 Assemblies.

Over 30 mental health stories shared in our mental health week video.

Our video had such an impact in the school when it was shown, we had some students who were so emotional they had to leave the assembly. We also showed our video at the Scripture Union conference and it was very well received! Scripture Union are thinking about making their own one! Praise God for this opportunity to inspire more Christian leaders to think seriously about mental health, and how it affects our young people today.

35 students reached by Youth Alpha.

We are only on our second week of youth alpha at Poynton High, but amazingly, we already have a classroom full of students! This week we had a total head count of 35. This is unprecedented; we have needed to bring in additional youth workers to help us run it. Praise God for his blessings!

75 children visited a church.

Our R.E Church Experience with Dial Park School and St. Albans Church, Offerton, enabled 75 students from Y5 and Y6 to visit the church, some for the very first time. Please remember these children in your prayers as I get to know them and teach them about the Lord, and pray also for their relationship with St. Albans Church, that that community can support Dial Park School.

Over 70 egg boxes decorated for the Boaz Trust.

As part of our R.E. Art and Charity Experience with Dial Park, the students have been decorating egg boxes for the Boaz Trust as an act of charity. The egg boxes will be donated to the Boaz Trust’s free shop, where they will be used to house all the donated eggs the Trust have, and end up in the houses of asylum seekers and individuals who need support. I pray that those who receive the egg boxes will feel the love of God and the welcome of the Manchester community.

Over 700 students reached for Mental Health Week.

I could not be more proud than I am of our mental health week project. Over 700 students heard that they are worthy of love,  that God loves them, and that they don’t need to keep their problems a secret. It was an amazing project to be part of. The follow up has been that I have started 1 weekly drop in club in Stockport Academy, to continue to support the students and meet their needs. We plan to roll our project out across the other secondary schools over the next 12 months, in coordination with the Lily Jo project. If you have a connection with a secondary school and you would like to see the project come to you, please do get in touch with me. Let’s make it happen.

To sum up, it has been an amazing half-term, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Please join me in thanking God in your prayers for his unfailing faithfulness to the Trust and our work. Let his name be glorified in Stockport; in our schools, our churches, and our lives.