We made it to half term!

And what a half term it has been! We have delivered two new projects this term and developed strong relationships with two new secondary schools, and those are only the highlights! We have delivered:

12 primary school assemblies

9 clubs in secondary schools

5 tap dance classes at Stockport Academy

8 R.E lessons

8 Storytelling week lessons

2 Church visits

2 Faith in Art Week Assemblies

2 lunchtime faith in Art week symposiums

3 percussion drum workshops with year 9 groups

7 art classes with professional Christian artists

5 unique, outside artists contributed to Faith in Arts Week

Over 1500 students reached in Faith and Arts Week!

I am very proud of what we have achieved, and very excited for what our next half term holds. We will be pushing forward with several new projects this half term; our Be Yourself mental health project for Y6 primary school children, our Big Questions secondary school project, our primary Easter projects, and lastly, our #KeepItReal PSHE lesson for secondary school students. We also have our next prayer meeting coming up at Bramhall URC at 8:30 on Saturday the 18th of March, and our next newsletter will be coming out soon!

We have been blessed by God that he has opened our doors and given us great connections and opportunities, and as the scripture above says, we are filled with joy and praise! We know that our work is the fulfilment of many of your consistent prayers over many, many years and so I hope you can be filled with joy to see this all come to pass. The Lord hears us and answers our prayers. The Lord hears the desires of our hearts for our communities and honours our faithfulness to him and his word. We will continue to pray that he guides our work and guides the leadership of our Trustees, and we would ask you to join us in those prayers again, as you have done before. I have been so blessed personally by the support of our supporters, and have enjoyed coming to visit our supporting churches immensely. I am always uplifted to spend time in one of our supporting churches and always inspired to see how passionate our supporters are. If you would like us to come and visit your church then please do get in touch!

Here are some pictures from our half term to give you an inside picture of what we have been up to. If you want to keep up with us on a daily basis then do follow us on Twitter @CiST15 and Instagram, christiansinschoolstrust.

Please enjoy them, and thank you again for your continued support. May God bless you and your families in this next half term, and may you see His hands working in your lives, as we see evidence of His work in ours.

Our storytelling week project in primary schools!
Some examples of stories from our Storytelling projects!


Showing a CBBC online safety video in assembly!


Our Valentines day assembly! Beachball game!
Speaking on Living Free at St. Cuthbert’s Church, Cheadle
KFC surprise at drop in club today!
Andy performing at Assembly for Faith in Arts Week
All the instruments set up for Percussion workshops, Faith in Arts!
Joe and Nathan from Rivers and Robots performing at Faith in Arts Week
Jon Greenaway, Academic at MMU, speaking about horror film and theology for Faith in Arts Week
Rev. Rachel Mann, speaking about her new book ‘Fierce Imaginings’ for Faith in Arts Week
Joanna Leidenhag, artist and academic, doing Art lessons for Faith in Arts Week
Some of the student work from Joanna’s lesson; trying to present concepts like hope, peace, love, and grief through art.
Madeline Williamson-Pires, artist, with some of her work that she showed to students for Faith in Arts week Art lessons
Some of the students art work inspired by Madeleines own work.


Emma, Joe and Andy.