A Look back from Christmas

A look back from Christmas

Well! It’s possibly been the busiest half term we’ve had in a long time! We are so lucky to have a big team with which we can accomplish so much. Below are just some statistics of our work this half term, but it gives you a flavour of what we’ve been up to!

 10 Remembrance Assemblies for High Schools 

24 High School R.E lessons 

27 Primary Assemblies

37 Primary R.E lessons 

15 dance classes 

11 Primary Remembrance lessons 

7 Guardians Clubs 

7 Rooted Girls Mentoring Clubs

21 High school lunch clubs 

1 R.E day in Primary School

32 Anti-bullying workshops for KS2

1 SMSC day in Stockport Academy – Exam stress workshops 

60 Christmas workshops for KS1 and KS2

1 Christmas concert 

1 Christmas unwrapped with over 60 children 

and 4 High School Christmas celebrations with Chip Kendall Band and Audacious Youth! 

These statistics are impressive – I believe that in the nearly four years I have been in this role that this year is the highest number of Christmas project we have ever done! It’s amazing to think of the number of students that we have spoken to. A general sum of averages shows us that the total amount of students reached with our Christmas message was 1620! 

However, they are just statistics, just numbers on a screen. The real value of what we have achieved is not measured in numbers, though they are encouraging and revitalising to consider. The real value is in the little interactions we have seen. It’s in a group of year seven girls who, over the course of their Rooted Mentoring Group, have travelled from a selection of random, shy, lonely girls to a group of friends who love each others company and even set up an online chat group where they gave each other nicknames. It’s in the children with behavioural problems who act up in our lunchtime club, but when they are surprised with a lesson from one of our team knuckle down and do their best work, desperate to prove to us that they are listening and that they respect us.  It’s in the teachers who pull us aside, again and again, to tell us how valuable our anti-bullying project focused on the world cup England team has been for their students who struggle with retaliation because now they have framework work with which to understand respect. It’s in the students who tell us that we are trustworthy, that they want to talk to us and share their worries and fears. It’s in the year seven student who remembers every detail of an R.E lesson we gave, even though it was seven weeks ago, and asks if we could do part of it again. It’s in the staff and students who rallied around our challenge to draw Christmas pictures that we would deliver to the Salvation Army for their Christmas dinner for homeless people and gave us pictures, handmade Christmas cards, and a tin of biscuits for the cause. It’s every time we get asked: “How did you become a Christian?” and get to share the radical story of God’s love in our lives once again. It’s the children who asked us to bring Bibles to their school so they could read them. It’s all of the questions they have, it’s the light that goes on behind their eyes when they want to know how the world was made, if God made the dinosaurs, and if he really does love everyone. Statistics are lovely, and as a team, we are proud of them, but it’s all of these moments that keep us going. When we are exhausted and tired, and when we look back on the term, we don’t think of the numbers. We think of these moments. I hope you will think of them too.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers. Let us praise God for all he has done this term, and take Christmas as a time to reflect on his great goodness and love for us. 

Merry Christmas, friends, may your festive season be filled with the light of Christ.


Emma and the Team.


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