It’s half term!

Hi everyone!

Happy half-term! A big congratulations to all our y6 students who have finished their SATS and are looking towards the end of the year with excitement and trepidation. There are big changes coming for so many of them, we hope this half term is really a time of relaxation for them and their families. When we come back after half term Christians in Schools Trust will be focusing most of our time on our y6 students, this year aiming to provide our “It’s Your Move!” transitional project in over 33 primary schools, as well as connecting with local secondary schools to help support the transitional experience even further. If you want to support the y6 students and the “It’s Your Move!” project by giving financially to help us cover the cost of our materials, please get in touch here. All of your help is valuable to us!

Whilst the thought of half-term might fill most students with excitement, there is a large chunk of students for whom half term is not such a fun time. Our poor GCSE students are ploughing on through their exams, their half term blending into revision time before their eyes. It was ten years ago this year that I sat my GCSE’s, and I still recall packing all of my revision guides into my bag for my week long camping holiday with my family over May half term. I also recall breaking down at the start of my revision, so intimated by the seemingly endless two months ahead of study, that my Dad took me on an impromptu trip to the book shop to get every revision guide they had in stock. The pressure to do well was bearing down on me, and it quickly turned into the pressure to revise as well as my friends. How many hours of study were they doing? What subjects had they covered? I was constantly comparing! The pressure has only increased since my time in the exam hall, and students today are often given the option for more and more study sessions and revision classes. It can be a lot of stress!

So let’s not forget to pray for these students as they go through this important stage of their academic journey. Let’s pray that they can find a healthy balance this half term and grab some moments to relax and take a breather amongst all the revision. Let’s pray that all their hard work is realised in their exams, and let’s pray that the exam papers reflect the hours of study and revision they have done. Let’s pray that they have people in their lives who can remind them that whilst it’s important to do your best, their worth is not bound up in their performance. Sometimes it can be difficult to watch a young person go through times of intense stress and not be able to take that stress away. Whilst we can’t take exams for them or do revision for them, we can certainly pray!

At Christians in Schools Trust we are looking forward to a busy last half term of the year. Here are some projects we have lined up that you can pray for:

  • “It’s Your Move!” will be running in primary schools across Stockport in June/July 2016
  • We have a week of assemblies at Stockport Academy lined up for end of June.
  • We have our first session at Ramilies School in June.

And don’t forget our Christians in Schools Trust prayer meeting on the 11th of June at Stockport Baptist Church! We look forward to seeing many of you there to join us in prayer for Schools in Stockport.

Have a great half term holiday!