Happy “first full week of term”!

The above quote, by AW Tozer, seems particularly poignant as we come to the end of our first full week of term. For many of our students navigating new classrooms, new schools, new teachers, even new desks can be overwhelming, and this coming weekend will seem like blissful relief! However, in all things God is truly bigger than our troubles, and there are many blessings found in this week too.

We have truly loved being back at school this week; seeing the new Reception students come into assembly for the first time, watching the new year 7’s in their “you’ll grow into it – too big” uniforms, and catching up with friendly faces in the student and staff bodies. How much of a joy it is, when a student returns to a weekly club and says “I’m so glad this is back on – I’ve missed it!” In a way, it is a blessing to be a safe place for students, a familiar smile and friendly wave, in a week which can seem turbulent and confusing. We are grateful to occupy this space in schools, and so thankful that in all the places we have returned this week, the overwhelming comment has been: “I’ts lovely to see you again.”

So this week we are thankful to God for his big-ness in troubling times. We are thankful for his plan and his purpose, and whatever part of that we are included in in the lives of students in Stockport.

Don’t forget! Important dates:

Our supporters coffee and prayer morning next month!
Don’t miss out! Be at Church House at 99 Chatham Street, Sk39eg at 10am on October 8th.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Finally, we want to say thank you to everyone who contacted us after our plea for furniture. We have been well equipped thanks to a hot tip, and now all of us can work in the office space together with the right equipment and back support.

With blessings, The CiST Team