Hi everyone! 

Well, we made it to the end of the first week of term with our new team! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us as we started on this journey at the beginning of the summer, hiring new people and stepping out in faith for God’s provision. Your prayers have been the support that have guided our Trustees to make good choices, that have encouraged us to pursue God’s vision in this new term.

As we start week 2 of term and week 2 with the new team, there are some specific things we would like you to pray for:

  • New Schools: We have several new schools joining us this term for the first time. We would appreciate your prayers for the following schools; that we would be able to start meaningful relationships with them, and give positive input into the lives of their students. The schools are: MeadowBank Primary School, Cheadle. Abingdon Primary, Reddish. Broadstone Primary School, Heaton Chapel. 
  • New supporters: Education Sunday has just passed us, and we have had some great opportunities to speak to churches about exactly what it is we do here at Christians in Schools Trust. We are praying that these opportunities, and further opportunities that we may have, will enable us to garner more support from individuals. We are so blessed by our supporter base, but now that we have more workers, we are looking to God and his Church to provide the resources to support our step of faith. Please pray for us in this, but if you also have any friends who might be interested in supporting our work, please do direct them to our website for further information. 
  • New chapters: It is amazing to have new workers join us this term, and as we start a new chapter we need your prayers for our new team members. It can be daunting, starting a role that is incredibly hands on and requires adaptability and flexibility in times when a new worker might actually want security and clear guidelines. Please pray for our new workers if they start to reach out to schools on their own, make their own bookings, build their own relationships, and grow into the role. They have made a great start, but we ask for the Lord’s continued blessing on their work. 

We thank you for your continued support and prayers. May God be with you this week, and his spirit blessing you with his presence. May he feel near to you, and make his face to shine upon you.

With blessings,