Jesus heals Jairus' daughter



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The news was spreading fast that Jesus could heal sick people; an important man called Jairus had heard about him and wanted Him to heal his little girl, who was very sick. Jairus pushed his way through the crowd around Jesus and knelt in front of him.

"Please come," he cried, "My little girl is very sick." Jesus followed him through the crowd of people.

Suddenly Jesus stopped and said, "Who touched me?"

Peter, one of Jesus' followers, said, "There are always people touching you in this crowd: look at them pushing to be near you."

But Jesus said, "Somebody touched me because they needed me to heal them."

He looked around and a very frightened woman stepped slowly towards Him and went down on her knees. "It was me," she said. "I have been ill for many years. No one has ever been able to help me. I knew you could heal me - but I didn't dare to ask you. So I touched your clothes and I was healed. Thank you."

Jesus looked at the woman with tender eyes and said, "You have been healed because you believed in me."

While Jesus was talking to the woman, Jairus' servant arrived. Jairus knew at once that his daughter had died. "Don't waste the Rabbi's time," said the servant, "It is too late now".

"Don't be frightened, Jairus," said Jesus. "Just believe in me still."

When they arrived at Jairus' house, everyone was crying.

"The little girl is not dead," said Jesus. "She is only sleeping." Immediately, tears turned to laughter, for everyone knew that the girl was dead.

Jesus sent everyone away, except for Jairus and his wife and three of His followers.

They went into the room where the little girl was lying. Jesus gently took her hand and said, "Little love, get up."

The little girl sat up straight away. Jesus said to her parents, "Get her something to eat and don't tell anyone what has happened here today."


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