The Jews in the Wilderness



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After the Jews escaped from Egypt, it was forty years before they reached the land which God had promised to them. All of those forty years were spent wandering from place to place in the Wilderness and living in tents.

Life in the wilderness is very hard. There is very little to eat or drink and for people not used to life in the wilderness, it can very quickly destroy them. But for all the forty years the Jews were in the Wilderness, God provided for them.

Every morning, He provided them with 'bread'. The Jews called it 'manna' and it was left behind on the ground around the tents when the morning dew had gone. It looked like thick flakes of frost and tasted like honey. Every morning, the Jews collected the manna in baskets before the sun grew too hot and melted it away. But if anyone tried to hoard the manna for the next day, it became full of worms and began to stink. Except on every sixth day.

"On the sixth day," Moses told the people, "You must collect enough for the seventh day as well, because the seventh day is Shabbat. God orders you to rest on Shabbat."

As well as bread, God provided the people with meat. One evening a flock of little birds swarmed around their camp. The Jews caught the birds, and cooked and ate them.

And in the midst of the wilderness, God provided them with water too! The water came gushing out of rock which God had told Moses to strike with the stick which he had used to divide the Sea of Reeds.

When, after forty years, the Jews finally reached the land which God had promised them, they had learned to trust God.


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